Clin-Check: 3D Control Course

Clin-Check: 3D Control

Analysis, Interpretation and Development
clin-chek: controles 3D

¿Ready for the Challenge?

2-STEPS TECHNIQUE by Dr. Mompell.

• Introduction to the Course of Analysis, Interpretation and Development of the ClinCheck: 3D Controls
• Concept of the 2 STEPS TECHNIQUE (2-STEPS) of Dr. Mompell.
• STEP 1: Optimized prescription sheet / Positioning and adjustment of the 3D model / Calibration of photographs for proper planning / 3D movements. CENTRAL INCISIVE.
• STEP 2: Sequence of movements for the different malocclusions / Optimized communication with the technician

• Teeth adjustment: extrusion / intrusion, translation, rotation, crown angulation, root torque and crown inclination / Block and retain the desired position of a certain tooth and  indicate that a certain tooth should not move during the entire treatment (e.g. e.g. crowns, implants).
• Attachments and Precision Cuts
• Arch control: Expand or compress the back of the arch / Arch coordination / Arch symmetry.
• IPR and space management: “Auto-tuning” option / “Keep current” option / “Without IPR” option
• Occlusal contacts: Intersected occlusal contacts / Resolution of strong occlusal contacts directly in the 3D model / Centric Ratio / Max. Intercuspidation
• Dual view: Original Align model / Adjusted model
• Bolton analysis: Dental interdigitation treatment planning / Archway coordination planning.
• Grid: Measurement of linear movements of teeth.
• Gingival architecture control with enlarged view of the ruler. Aesthetic parameters of the smile design.
• Superposition: Dental and skeletal / Virtual Leap / Correct evaluation and visualization using 3D controls.

• Dental class I Biprotrusions
• Class II dental: Higher dental sequential distalization / Mesialization of lower dental
• Class II Skeletons: Jaw advance. Virtual jump / Sequence in surgical cases
• Dental Class III_: Lower dental sequential distalization / Upper dental proinclination.
• Class III Skeletons: Maxillary advance. MARPE Protocol + Dr. Mompell Facial Mask.
• Sequence in surgical cases
• Special sequence in children, cases of DSD, acceleration of dental movement, etc.
• Errors to avoid for time optimization.
• Tips and recommendations on Clin-Check reviews


Preparation of step 1
Correct preparation and optimization of the prescription form, positioning of the 3D model and elaboration of 3D movements.

Preparation of step 2
Communication with the technician in an optimized way to transmit the movement
sequence according with the 3D controls planned in step 1.



– Active member of the research team in the Craniofacial Growth and Development Division. Dep.
Orthodontics. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
– Professor at the University of Ajou, Seoul, Korea.
– Professor at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.
– Master’s Degree in Orthodontics and Craniofacial Orthopedics. Jiménez Díaz Foundation
Hospital. Madrid.
– Clinical residence, Department of Orthodontics, University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil.
– Invisalign Diamond II



Theoretical-practical course.


Dr. Ramón Mompell


Barcelona: (18-19 September 2020)
Places available

Madrid: (23-24 October 2020)
Places available

Sevilla: (06-07 November 2020)
Places available

Valencia.: (27-28 November 2020)
Places available


Spanish 🇪🇸


Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia.


Friday 10:00 to 19:00

Saturday 10:00 to 14:00


990 €

Payment Methods

Single payment: € 990


Invisalign Clin Check PRO

1. Real position of the Model
2. Multiteeth Control
3. Complex movement (3D controls)
4. Virtual Jump in the «Movement Evaluation»
5. 3D controls activated in other tabs
6. Zoom by default
7. IPR / Spacing on 3D controls
8. Improved Bolton Analysis
9. Occlusal contacts
10. Power Ridges display


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The course will be in Spanish.



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